About Us


Who We Are

We are young ladies from 9th to 12th grade who take great pleasure in investing in our future; from attending workshops, to simple sisterly gatherings.  We believe in empowering ourselves by building character and standing on Christian principles, while excelling in school. 


Mission Statement

Ladies of Futurity is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that was established to mentor, motivate, and inspire 9th through 12th grade girls of diverse backgrounds to become ladies, obtain a higher education, and to be servant leaders in their community.  It is our mission to help each girl realize her true potential as she establishes and ultimately achieves her future goals.  Our program is specifically designed to equip and empower each girl with essential life skills, leadership skills, and social graces that will create a pathway to educational success and career development.  It is our goal that each girl will possess the confidence, optimism, integrity, and knowledge required to be future leaders that will leave a lasting legacy that will impact others.


Biblical Principle

Strength and honor are her clothing; she rejoices over her future 

~Proverbs 31:25

The Futurity Academy

The Futurity Academy


The Futurity Academy is a 10 month program. Our workshops were created as enrichment programs designed to engage each member in activities that develop their skills and build-self esteem that leads to better life choices. Workshops are held twice a month. Below is a list of some of our workshop topics: 

  • College Preparation and Beyond
  • SAT/ACT Prep Course 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Effective Writing & Speaking
  • Leadership
  • Self Esteem & Self Awareness
  • Career Preparation 
  • Financial Empowerment and Management 
  • Academic Enrichment - music, arts, and sports 
  • Etiquette 
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Sex Trafficking & Domestic Violence



Ladies of Futurity host bi-monthly meetings that focus on empowerment and leadership.


College Tours

Each year Ladies of Futurity tour various colleges to give each member the opportunity and experience to visit colleges and participate in a variety of historical, educational and social activities.


Bonding Sessions

Ladies of Futurity members engage in various sisterly activities in order to develope a special close relationship.

Scholarship & Awards Gala

Ladies of Futurity 2018 Scholarship & Awards Gala

2018 Scholarship & Awards Gala

 The Ladies of Futurity Scholarships and Awards Gala provides a unique opportunity to celebrate the scholastic achievements and civic efforts of each of its members. This event culminates their matriculation through our Ladies of Futurity program and commemorates their launch into the next level of life. 


June 1, 2019

Join us for our 7th Annual Gala at the Palm Beach Gardens Marriott